The Ndebele people of South Africa have a rich artistic heritage, which has survived years of apartheid, civil wars and deprived living conditions. Mural painting represent a demonstration of ethnic sovereignty by the Ndebele Women, which is handed down from mother to daughter. Unlike western art, Ndebele art does not involve a Western sense of aesthetics nor painting for acclaim – a woman’s life is her canvas and represents her intimate relationship with home and community. Commercial interests are appropriating Ndebele designs and ownership of their art will slip from the hands of the few remaining craftswomen if there is not an immediate effort to retain their heritage. Aim: The aim of The Ndebele Foundation is to provide a community of rural women in the village of Mabhoko with the means to revive the creative spirit of their forebears. Training women and youth decreases social burdens, increases family incomes and enhances quality of life. Bed & Breakfast: The B & B offers simple, clean and efficient accommodation. Facilities include three double rooms, three twin rooms and plenty of space on the roof terrace under the African night sky for back packers. Evening meals by oil lamp and candles are served in the dining room for overnight guests and self-catering BBQ facilities are also available. Observe or participate in the creation of Ndebele Art; Stay within a close-knit Ndebele community and experience their unique culture at an individual level; shop for original works of art found only at The Ndebele Foundation’s Cultural Centre for Women and Children and Simple, affordable accommodation including traditional meals.