Municipal Manager – Ms. MM Mathebela

The Municipal Manager is the head of administration, the accounting officer. Her office has the administrative responsibility to lead and guide the institution (municipal employees) in achieving its strategic goals and objectives, and its service delivery obligation.

As head of the administration of the municipality, the municipal manager is subject to the policy directions of the council, responsible and accountable for the formation and development of an economical, effective, efficient and accountable administration that is equipped to carry out the task of implementing the municipality’s Integrated Development Plan, operating in accordance with the municipality’s performance management systems.

The Municipal Manager is also tasked with the responsibility of advising the political structures and office bearers of the municipality and managing communications between the administration and political arms of the municipality.

Position: Municipal Manager

Telephone: 013 973 1101

Email Address:

Physical Address: A2601 / 3 Bongimfundo Street



Location: Municipal Headquarters

Department: Office of the Municipal Manager

The following divisions report directly to the Municipal Manager: