The Vision of Dr JS Moroka Local Municipality is centred around creating and envisaging future-based municipal capability requisites for developmental Local Government, leading to improving the quality of life of citizens and residents.

“Striving to become the best economically developing town, mostly admired for taking care of its people “


Supporting the three pillars of the municipal vision is the mission statement that aims for efficient and effective systems, processes and procedures including creation conditions for economic growth through the identification and support of growth points reflecting the competitive advantage of Dr JSMLM. In this regard the municipal organisation is committed to develop integrated and well-resourced plans.

“With commitment, passion and resilience, we will deliver services in an effective, efficient accountable and sustainable manner”


“Working together with communities and strategic partners, we will create a conducive environment for economic growth”

DRJSMLM is driven by the municipal vision resonates around three key elements, better life, quality and sustainable services and institutional efficiencies. The attainment of the three pillars is vital to instill focus and direction in the organization. The vision of a better life for all citizens and residents at DRJSMLM calls for a conscious movements towards operational efficiencies and effectiveness in an environment that identifies key economic growth points and associated strategies.

Values That Guide Municipal Behaviour

The fundamental values guiding the operational ethos of the Dr JS Moroka Local Municipality is grounded on Batho Pele principles. The Municipal Council and Administration has to be guided by the values, which are aimed at defining the acceptable standards that govern the behaviour of individuals within the municipality. Values will drive the municipality‘s organisational culture and provides the framework in which decisions are made. In conducting its business, Dr JS Moroka Local Municipality is guided by these values:

  • Fostering a climate which encourages customer focus and a service oriented workforce;
  • Upholding good work ethics
  • Inculcating a sense of accountability in all dealings with the community in line with the Batho Pele principles
  • Cultivating a high performance culture with an aim to retain a motivated team of employees
  • Maintaining integrity in all relationships with customers and the community
  • Thriving on excellence
  • Offering high quality standards when providing sustainable services.