• Audit Comittee

  • Risk Management Committee

    Members of the Committee

    A member not in the employ of the Municipality (Chairperson);

    • Head of Departments,  Designated Representative/s of senior management or heads of Departments ;
    • Chief Risk Officer provides secretariat services and expert advice;
    • A member of the Audit Committee
    • Assistant Manager: ICT
    • Assistant Manager: Performance Management
    • Assistant Manager: IDP
    • Legal Advisor
    • Chief Audit Executive will provide advisory services;
    • Other members of management or any other person who may be co-opted to provide specialist skills and advice inclusive of stakeholder departments such as the Provincial Treasury, Provincial Department Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, and the District.

    The duties of the Committee shall be to:

    1.1 Review the Risk Management Policy and Strategy and recommend for approval by the Accounting Officer;

    1.2 Review the risk appetite and tolerance and recommend for approval by the Accounting Officer;

    1.3 Review the institution’s risk identification and assessment methodologies to obtain reasonable assurance of the completeness and accuracy of the risk register;

    1.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of mitigating strategies to address the material risks of the Institution;

    1.5 Report to the Accounting Officer any material changes to the risk profile of the Institution;

    1.6 Evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the Fraud Prevention Policy and related fraud matters;

    1.7 Review any material findings and recommendations by assurance providers on the system of Risk Management and monitor that appropriate action is instituted to address the identified weaknesses;

    1.8 Develop goals, objectives, and key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of Risk Management activity;

    1.9 Set out the nature, role, responsibility, and authority of the Risk Management function within the Institution for approval by the Accounting Officer and oversee the performance of the Risk Management function;

    1.10 Provide proper and timely reports to the Accounting Officer on the state of Risk Management, together with aspects requiring improvement accompanied by the Committee’s recommendations to address such issues;

    1.11 Recommend to the Accounting Officer suspension or termination of services of the Chief Risk Officer and the Risk Management staff members; and

    1.12 The Committee through its Chairperson shall report to the Audit Committee on matters of Risk Management;

    1.13 The Risk Management, Anti-Corruption, and Anti-Fraud Committee should note the internal audit plan after it has been drafted in order to understand the areas covered by it in terms of risks as per the risks registers

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  • Municipal Public Account Committee

  • Mayoral Committee

  • Council Sitting

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