"The only way in which the municipality could improve service delivery is through governance. Therefore, it is my wish that we will work together with the administration so as to speed-up service delivery and serve our people as best we can"

In this message to the community, the Executive Mayor, Cllr. GT Mthimunye, called upon her fellow Councillors to live up to the mandate given to them by the people. Not to infringe on the administrative actions other than to see to it that Council decisions are carried out.

"Furthermore, ensure that the administration fully understands what is expected of them. We must allow them to get back with their job, while on the other hand they must allow us to do our political bit in the true spirit of cooperative governance"

She called on the community to consult with the Ward Councillors, the offices of the Executive Mayor, Speaker, Council Whip or Municipal Manager on matters of concern rather than listen to uninformed critics of the municipality.

"My door is open to the public including opposition parties. As Executive Mayor, I am taking charge of the well being of communities and to succeed, I need the support and coopertation of all the stake holders."

"Congratulations to all our local students who have passed Grade 12. I urge you to further your studies. To those who have been unsuccessful , I say, do not give up, try again."